“The DJ at that wedding was incredible!”

Hello I am DJ Matt Franco of djmattfranco.com , there is nothing like having a professional DJ who is all about his business! Its important to note that three are a lot of DJs out there and they all have something special to bring to the table. That being said, not every DJ will be the right fit for you. Hoe do you find a DJ who will do the job and bring the party without taking over and embarrassing you or your guests? Let’s reviews some key factors to what makes a great wedding DJ!


The DJ should be willing to work with you on the music selection and requests at a wedding can sometimes be a must. That’s not to rule out the DJs with a set list but it is nice when he can accommodate everyone at the event and sometimes that means taking request


If a DJ has an attitude then might have an issue on your hands! This is a job where you are going to interact with the public and a big part of that is maintaining a professional demeanor. No body wants to hear about the DJ that mouthed off to granny or tried to get a waitress fired at the wedding! The attitude matters.


It easy to find a DJ, but it not so easy to find one who can show you a long resume of consistent work in the industry. The best DJs are often the ones with the most experience. Check the DJs reviews and see what kind of comments their previous guests have left behind.

Find all of these great qualities at djmattfranco.com!

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